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Looking for a new physiotherapy clinic where you don’t have to share your treatment time with other patients behind a curtain?

Book your first session with Stages Physiotherapy and receive real treatment in a private treatment room with your highly experienced female therapist.

Your Local Physio Clinic.

Longer, Hands On Treatment

Longer, Hands On Treatments

Enjoy a first session that includes a proper, hands on treatment, assessment, and recovery.

100% Private Treatment Rooms

100% Private Treatment Rooms

Each of our treatment rooms is completely private, clean, and sanitised between every client session.

Clinical Pilates Equipment In-House

Clinical Pilates Equipment In-House

Recover faster with access to our on site clinical Pilates studio and qualified instructor.

Female Physiotherapists

Female Physiotherapists

Experienced in sporting, dance, & workplace injuries, general pain & soreness.

Stages Physiotherapy provides 100% private physiotherapy sessions in our convenient location at Burleigh Waters to help you recover, regain and maintain your health.

Our physios use a range of evidence-based manual therapy, exercise therapy, and other physiotherapy treatments.

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Why Choose Stages Physio?

Whether you’re recovering from an injury, dealing with chronic pain, or just looking to get back into shape, we have the right treatment plan for you.

At Stages Physiotherapy we’re committed to improving your quality of life through focused one-on-one attention in private treatment rooms.

We believe that by providing a more private treatment room and longer session times, we can help you recover faster, get stronger, and reduce your chance of further injury.

Our experienced therapists will work with you to create a customised treatment plan for your specific needs and goals, ensuring that you get the best results possible from your physiotherapy sessions. Clinical Pilates equipment is also available on-site, meaning that we can provide complete rehabilitation services right here at our clinic.

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Treatment Types


Do you need healing, pain relief, or improved movement?

We can help you with the latest  physio treatment techniques, applying manual therapy to help:

Dry Needling

Looking for relief from muscle related pain and discomfort, such as sports injury or fibromyalgia?

Dry needling is a pain free method that can assist with:

Western Acupuncture

This form of acupuncture is used to treat musculoskeletal pain and trigger point pain.

It can help your body to produce endorphins that relieve pain to assist in natural pain relief. This evidence based treatment is only applied after consultation and diagnosis, and often in conjunction with traditional physiotherapy.

Other Therapies

After an assessment and as part of your overall treatment plan, we can help to alleviate pain and improve your recovery using:

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have pain or problems with movement. Dysfunction in movement can include; restriction due to muscular skeletal pain or injury, neurological disorders or injury, post operative or progressive diseases, sometimes even dizziness (BPPV) is resolved with Physiotherapy.

Help restore movement with a variety of modalities; joint mobilisation, remedial massage, ultrasound therapy, education on ergonomics, posture and gait (walking patterns), exercises/rehabilitation, recovery after injury.

Our initial consultations are 45 minutes long. General history, xrays, any referrals and your specific condition is discussed. The physiotherapist will then assess this information and your range of movement to diagnose your condition. Some treatment will follow and a further plan suggested.

No referral is required to see a Physiotherapist.

Dry needling is specific to a particular area of injury or dysfunction, assisting with improving and healing tissue plus muscle function. There is also a component of pain relief.

Yes. An approved Work Cover claim number along with a current Doctors Medical certificate are required.

Yes. We have a HICAPS machine to claim directly with your insurer and ask you to just pay any gap.

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